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Greenwell watersavers are ideal for looking after newly planted specimen trees.

As our hunger for ‘instant’, more mature gardens develops, garden architects and landscape designers are including larger, more mature specimen trees within their planting schemes. These larger planted trees give make a new garden design look mature, almost instantly.

Careful planting of a mature tree is essential to its survival. Ensuring the soil conditions are right, its aspect is perfect and providing the correct nutrients to ensure it gets a great start.

Regular watering is really important to provide the stress-free environment for a newly planted specimen tree or shrub to thrive. Buy Irrigation’s GreenWell water reservoir allows you to do this more effectively and efficiently, by providing a quick and inexpensive method to apply concentrated water to trees and shrubs.

Greenwell is a water-retaining reservoir that is easily installed around the base of the tree. When watering the tree, the Greenwell reservoir is filled, so concentrating the water to the all-important plant root zone and preventing water run-off.

Developed in Australia, the Greenwell watersaver has been awarded the Smart Approved Watermark, Australia’s water conservation label for products which help save water: http://www.smartwatermark.info

The Greenwell watersaver is installed simply (and very speedily!). The Greenwell unit holds 26 litres of water, and can be moved from tree to tree by unzipping the watertight seal. Greenwell is ideally suited to trees positioned on sloping sites.

Greenwell watersaver reservoirs are great for:

1. Keeping grass away from tree trunks, preventing damage to the tree from mowers or strimmers.

2. Retaining mulches placed near the base of the specimen tree.

3. Ensuring that applied fertilizer gets directly to the tree root zone, with as little wastage as possible.

Greenwell is also great for commercial landscape schemes and local authority planting.

The Greenwell watersaver can also be used with Buy Irrigation’s Deep Drip watering stakes, further enhancing the efficiency of watering as the water is not only retained around the root zone surface, it is fed directly to the roots via the deep drip stakes.