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Whatever the UK weather decides to chuck at us, there’s always a need to water your bowls green throughout the season. Your bowls green may need watering whilst your annual maintenance program is underway, or after applying fertilizer, or (if we’re really lucky), during a extended period of sunshine and dry weather.

There are plenty of bowls green watering systems on the market – from using a small sprinkler and hose to an expensive pop-up watering system that waters the bowls green from the perimeter of the area. The simplest and most sophisticated systems each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s our take on them:

The simplest systems using a hose and sprinkler connected to a standard mains water supply are usually used during the day, as the weather is at its warmest. This can be a struggle due to low water pressure and/or because there is just not enough water available to cover the green satisfactorily.

Larger sprinkler systems, featuring 4 sprinklers positioned around the bowls green’s perimeter, mean installing large pipework and pumping equipment to get the sprinklers to reach the centre of the green. The water droplets from the sprinklers tend to be large (the sprinklers are delivering more than 10x the flow that comes from a normal water tap and typically at 3 times the pressure). Sometimes, if not managed properly, this can cause compaction and capping problems. These larger bowls green irrigation systems can also be very expensive, putting them way out of financial reach for smaller bowls clubs.

Our ProBowl System provides a solution. Offering a really effective automatic watering system specifically designed for the smaller clubs with matching budgets. The ProBowl irrigation system is designed as a DIY kit; self installation avoiding installing charges, making it a much more realistic financial alternative.

Just like the more expensive bowls green irrigation systems, with the ProBowl watering can be programmed to start during the night (when most effective) and application is very even across the whole area. Power requirements are smaller, pipework is smaller and the whole system is designed to be installed by irrigation ‘amateurs’.


The kit is delivered to site by one of our engineers, who’ll take the Club’s installation team through the installation procedure, spending as much time as required so the club is completely satisfied (usually a couple of hours). Any questions that arise during the installation can be addressed to the buyirrigation team via email or phone.

With over 20 ProBowl irrigation systems installed around the UK in the last 3 years, there should be an operating ProBowl system somewhere close by, should the Club wish to inspect. Check the map here, to locate the ProBowl system closest to you.